Welcome to Mrs. Cabrera's Classroom!


ALL students have Think Through Math Log in AND password Taped to the inside of their binder :)

I am SO excited to be teaching 4th grade Math and Science this year at Hailey!  We are going to have a GREAT year and accomplish SO much this year!

This is my 10th year teaching.  I was a teacher for 7 years in Chicago, Illinois.  I began my career as a Reading Specialist and then moved to teaching ALL of the subjects in grades K-8 during my time in Chicago.  I also had the amazing opportunity to work with Chicago Lesson Study Alliance to better my Math instruction using International Math practices as well as Japanese Math practices.  I even presented at International Math conferences which was fun but VERY nervewracking!  

My family and I moved to the great state of Texas where I have continued teaching, learning, and growing.  I am thrilled to be here at Hailey and look forward to knowing all of my students and families as we work and grow together this year in 4th grade.

Please scroll down for important information

Unit we are working on:
We are going to be moving into the Geometry and Measurement unit very soon.  You can talk about the following at home to prepare:

perpendicular lines
parallel lines
Measuring angles
using a protractor
identifying RIGHT, ACUTE, and OBSTUSE angles
polygons (the characteristics of different polygons)

Upcoming Tests:

February 17 - Multiplication and Division Unit Common Assessment

You child should already know with fluency the following:
~Place Value with Decimals
~ALL basic multiplication facts
~ALL basic division facts
~Addition with numbers up to 5 digits
~Addition with Regrouping
~Subtraction with Regrouping with numbers up to 5 digits
~1 and 2 step word problems with whole numbers and decimals

Students are given Math homework EVERY OTHER week.  The weeks they do NOT have Math Homework, they will have Language Arts Homework.

Homework weeks:

January 3-6
January 16-20
January 30-3

Special Announcement: Parents please talk with your students at home about the school RULE stating that Pokemon cards ARE NOT allowed at school.  These Pokemon cards are causing problems with "trading" and "stealing" and have become a distraction to our class.  If any Pokemon cards are seen at school, they will be confiscated by the teacher and held until the last day of school in June.  Thank you for your support with this!

The following events are coming up for our class!

Please ask your child about Boosterthon :) We are trying to RAISE money for new playground equipment and EVERY pledge counts

January 11 - Spelling Bee 9:00 am

January 13 - GLOW RUN!!!

January 16 - Holiday- NO SCHOOL

January 20 - NEAT kids Celebration!!  Students who have Never Ever been Absent or Tardy were invited to attend the celebration

January 20 - Eye glasses party

February 20- Student Holiday - NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS

March 13-17 - Spring Break

April 14 - Holiday - NO SCHOOL

May 8 and 9- STAAR TESTING

May 12 - STAAR Celebration

May 19 - Celebration

May 26 - Raft Regada

May 31 - 4th grade Luau

June 1 - Early Release AND LAST DAY FOR STUDENTS


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